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The following is a partial list of known and suspected Romance Scammers,
Dating Scammers.
and other types of international scammers

It is presented to provide even more coverage, and aid you
in locating scammers more easily through search.

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Don't Confront Or Accuse Dating Scammers


Russia Other
Kamila Sinicina Russia Kazan
Serala kamillia Cote D’Ivoire Abidjan
Olga Russia Kazan
Love Angel Russia Kazan
Anuradee Buahirun Thailand Ayuthaya
Ekaterina Not provided Russia Kazan
Allunya Ukraine Kirovohrad
Karelle despoulains France Other
Jane Edward Nigeria Lagos
Karen Smith United Kingdom London
Karen sawford Nigeria Lagos
Karina karin44ik4 Ukraine Lugansk
Mubarak apusigah kariba@yahoo.comn Ghana Accra
Karin Muller United Kingdom London
Karina Caban Sweden Other
Anna Bul Russia Other
Karina Shevyakina Ukraine Lugansk
Karina lykova Russia St. Petersburg
Karina Kisa Russia Dubna
Karina EFREMOVA Ukraine Lugansk
Karina Kuzmia Russia Ryazan
Karina Alexeeva Ukraine Lugansk
Karina UNKNOWN Ukraine Lugansk
Karina Karina Russia Other
Karina CHADOVA Ukraine Other
Karina Karina Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Evgenia Karkina Ukraine Kherson
Karla De Rossi Philippines Cabanatuan
Milla dark USA Dover PA
Karina Karmin Ukraine Other
Carol Knoll United Kingdom Northampton
Karolina tejera Venezuela Caracas
Diana diana Russia Omsk
Wictoriya Mamonova Russia Moscow
Kate kutyavina Russia Izhevsk
Ekaterina none given Russia Moscow
Ekaterina Kuwychko Ukraine Lugansk
Nataliya Feikki Russia Irkutsk
Katebaby Williams USA Bellevue WA
Kate adewole Nigeria Ilesha
Katerina Razumova Russia Yaroslavl
Ekaterina demakova Russia Nizhniy Novgorod
Kate Krystal United Kingdom London
Kate Krystal United Kingdom Essex
Kate Krsystal United Kingdom London
Kate Wilton Liberia Greenville
Olga ogurtsova Russia Stavropol
Kate Asante Ghana Other
Kate Benson Ghana Accra
Ekaterina kate vahonina Russia