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A SCARS|RSN™ Guest Editorial By Catherine Saori Usui

The following is a Guest Editorial by Catherine Saori Usui – an Anti-Scam Victims Advocate living in Japan, A Professional Support Services Provider, An Aspiring Author, and A Romance Scam Survivor. Catherine plays a role in directly helping scam victims to recover, and is active in helping to build awareness of romance scams in Japan. She is also a member of the Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc.

Japan – The Romance Scammer’s Heaven

In Catherine’s Own Words [In English]:

Japan is recently claimed as the international romance scammer’s heaven, while the mystery of this phenomena is unveiled except “there are poor romance scammed middle age women mainly over 40th are increased” as a news stories.

As myself a romance scam victim in Japan, let me introduce some puzzle pieces of the condition why those fake US personnels, military doctor, highly sophisticated businessmen scammer succeed in getting money from poor Japanese romance scam victims so easily. Increase of romance scams contains not only needs of international legal and investigative system needed in urgent against those canny borderless scammer’s network. However, there’s each individual nation’s structural fundamental social problems might disturb the legal network “work” efficiently. I can say as a Japanese, our society has more trouble compare to other Asian nations to be co-related with rest of the globe by many reasons.

That’s My Theme On This Series: Romance Scam Victims Are Out Casted As A Drop Out From Peer Pressure

International romance victims in Japan often suffer self-blame, ashamed feeling, despaired and close their heart and soul. This society notify that romance scammed victims are often considered looser or failed to adopt into peer pressure social system – Japan.

In my individual case, an inspector came to me to find any new evident slip or case report to fill his day work. We were sitting at the foodcourt corner table at the shopping centre. He said “ You’re definitely romance scammed for sure. You aren’t any worthy to gain love from such a handsome man! “. Like any other Japanese man, his evaluation for a woman who are over aged to give a birth to a baby, raise a child, do all the housework, having regular work with good health and fantastic background are non-favourable and “an out of order” woman.

Japanese woman are generally enforced to be always self-humiliated or more I should say “self-depressed” once a woman turn to over age 30 to 35. Japanese man consider that praising woman’s effort will make her arrogant, saying thank you make her spoiled. Majority of woman wants man’s mind changed while extremists politicians have been encouraging to put more peer pressure to entire society to make Japan more “male dominant society”. In this condition, romance scam victims are chased into the two side pressures. She turned to believe on-line lover never exist because of being too tired for enforced self-humiliation as “over aged woman(“Obasan” in Japanese). But she cannot admire the advice of being scammed often Japanese man in any position gives her with unkind advice with some bully or abusive words included which might kill her soul when she has to face serious heartbreaking moment.  – Police Bureau hearing often causes “second rape affection” for the romance scammed victims.

There is no on-line romance scam or other net work scam reporting system in Japan police except “call to the local police, patient for long hours of hearing, let them make their format of hearing report filled police jargons”.

It means an ordinary citizen without having chance to be a policeman in Japan might not understand what an officer/inspector put on their hearing report of a romance scammed victim. Serious human right offences are done by police bureaus and the legal system. So many rape cases and incests committed by born father sentenced “guiltless” for victims are concerned to agree to have such a relationships under enforced drinking alcohol or drug mixed drink or heavily threaten condition.

Similar Condition Will Sure Happen To The Romance Scammed Victims

Because it is the legal tradition to ask for “two-side responsibility to blame” is the common sense “to maintain peace and order to this country”. An inspector I’ve met shown me four reports he “earned” from international romance victims, sighed “these reports are not well enough to apply the arrest mandate”. He wanted me to add another report, but I chose to report IC3.gov, Action Fraud UK and “ANYSCAM” site.

The police hearing report, evidences are term to keep for ten years as the police un-disclosed property in Japan. After Special Secret Protection Act was stated in 2013 allows “any prior national security information which might threat the national security should be kept under secrecy as long as any government ministries/bureaus wants to extend undesclosed”.

There’s no civil right for a romance scam victims to know the contents which was submitted on their report. Not only in romance scam or rape, but in other general crime reports also, victims are not allowed to know if the police bureau report contents are same as one said. There a