thank-youThank You To Our Visitors

We had a good year and helped over 300,000 visitors!

That’s a lot of victims and potential victims we helped along the way!

We started offering our advice and counsel several years ago through other websites and forums, then in 2013 we launched and your response has been amazing!  With over 300,000 visitors viewing our work, we thank you for your support.  In the coming year, we pledge to continue our mission and bring ever more scammers to light.

Happy New Year to You!
 May every great new day
 Bring you sweet surprises
 And life be a happiness buffet

Happy New Year to Scammers,
 And when the new year is done,
 May the next year bring you Jailers,
 For your new prison, and knowing that we won!

See you all in 2015!

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