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SCARS|RSN™ Anti-Scam Tip: It’s In The Eyes!

Scammers Don’t Understand
Eye Colors!

Gray, Black, Hazel Are Their Preferred Choice

Silver / Grey Eyes

Silver or Grey (gray) eye color is quite rare, although many consider silver eyes to be a variation of blue eye color. Like blue eyes, silver eyes are the result of a very low amount of pigmentation in the eye, which reflects a gray-silver appearance. Silver eye color is most common in eastern European countries, and is one of the rarest eye colors worldwide.  One of the eye colors that is even rarer is Gold.

Black Eyes

There is no such thing as Black Eye Color, though ignorant scammers would not know this.  Dark eyes are simply brown in color, with the pupil being black.  They can be dark brown, but never black.

Hazel Eyes