Important Information For New & Past Scam Victims

In the Next Month We will be Building A New Section For Scam Victims

SCARS Police Interaction Support & Guidance For Scam Victims

This new guide for scam victims will include features of benefit to both scam victims and their local police departments to help bring an end to the poor understanding that the police have about scams.

SCARS literally wrote the guide for law enforcement that has been distributed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security since 2019, but it has not been enough for them to receive it in their email. Victims need to play the role of activist and walk this information in the door and hand it to their local police chiefs.

In this new section of our website, we will have:

  • How victims should interact with their local police and how to preparethis is available now here for free! Plus we recommend using the SCARS RED BOOK Scam/Crime Organizer available for a small cost at the SCARS Store here.
  • Police contact Complaint Forms – that you can fill in to complain about poor treatment during your reporting to the local police, or if you did not receive your victim’s rights required by law – these should work for any locality or country – this is coming
  • The SCARS COBALT BOOK™ – a guide for law enforcement interactions with scam victims, 2021 Edition. This will be available in PDF (free) and in BOOK Form (small cost) – this is coming
  • Advice for victims on how to remain connected with law enforcement – how to follow up to stay aware of what is being done and also to apply pressure on law enforcement to take action on money mules that may be within their jurisdiction – this is coming
  • How to direct law enforcement to go after the recovery of your money – INTERPOL publishes a guide for the police to walk them through this process when bank wire transfers were used – this is already published here!
  • Your victim’s rights – a by-country guide to your rights as a victim of crime – this is coming
  • Participate in a major complaint against the FBI for potentially violating your crime victim rights – if you reported your scam through the FBI’s website and never heard from them again – this is published here!
  • How to demand that your local district or state attorney go after mules – this is coming and will help you make complaints and apply pressure on the prosecutor’s office to prosecute mules that helped scammers steal your money – this is coming
  • How to demand that your local police notify Facebook, Social Media, and Websites of Fake & Scammer profiles to be removed – this will include both tools for victims and for the police, including form templates that they can send by mail to Facebook legal and other entities to shut down scammer specific activity – this is coming

We do not normally announce new features on our website, or services of SCARS before they are ready. However, we have been conducting a study of scam victim interaction with their police and felt this can no longer wait!

As a crime victims’ assistance nonprofit organization, our goal is to help scam victims obtain their rights and to be able to work with law enforcement in the most effective way. Similarly, we are here to help the police better understand how to help and interact with scam victims appropriately, and consistently with their rights as victims of crime.

We will update this page as these sections are published and available!

If you have had a bad experience with your police, please tell us about it in a comment below!

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