(Last Updated On: December 30, 2017)



We are going to share something with you that is very disturbing. There are two reasons for sharing it with you,

The first reason is to help you understand the mind of A CULTURE that believes almost anything is justified if you are not one of them – we are talking about scammers and the mentality that allows them to justify what they do – in other words, you are an infidel since that majority of African Scammers are Islamic. This is NOT to say that all Muslims think this way at all, but in Africa and the Middle East, these are prevailing views about themselves and how they view non-Muslims being fair targets.

The second reason is that as different as we are between Europe, the Americas, and Asia – we are far more closely aligned in our thinking than we are from the Islamist world. After all, it was Kublai Khan who introduced religious freedom in China 500 years ago.

So this serves as a shocking example of how this part of the world views the rest of us. This is why short of transforming these countries nothing is going to change their cultural outlook. To them, we are inferior and subject to subjugation which is exactly what scamming is just another form of psychological slavery.

Please remember this. This is not a racial view. This is not a political view. This is about a clash of cultures so profound that it is truly frightening.

This is not a condemnation of a race or religion, it is a condemnation of a cultural perspective. There are wonderful Muslims in this world, and there are those that are Medieval in their thinking and spread it like a virus.

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