Romance Scam Information Alert


We are hearing of a new variation on Romance Money Scams.

In this case, the scammer asks for you full contact information, including address, to send you a gift or gifts. Then you get an email from “Customs” telling you that you have to pay duties/taxes on the gifts – but Customers Services don’t do that by email. They hold the items and deliver notice in written form (regular mail).

If the items were sent via mail originally, then your mail carrier might give you a notice. Either way, the email is a fake and an attempt to get your payment information (credit cards or bank account information).

Even if they gifts were real, you are not obligated to pay the taxes, you can abandon them. Plus, gifts below US$400 never have taxes or duties. That’s the way this all works worldwide.

If you ever receive a scam via email, please forward the email to us, along with ALL the other information about the scammer to

Thank you!