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RSN™ Special Report: African Corruptions – Another University Co-oped By Scammers

Another Co-Opted Education Institution – Training Scammers In Ghana

Accra Institute of Technology – AIT


Yet another center for higher education in Ghana is found to be a breeding ground and base of operations for scammers.

AIT is accredited by the Ghana Ministry of Education The campus-based programs are offered at the undergraduate level in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology and Business Administration.

Obviously, online cybercrime is a part of that.

AIT boasts that it has an extensive electronic library (e-library) facilities including e-books, study materials and lessons, learning materials in audio and video format, computer science and engineering simulators and virtual laboratory resources among others.

But once again, when scammers are traced back to the facility that is giving them access to the Internet we find another University in West Africa.