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RSN™ Reference Section

RSN™ Guide: What Can You Expect After A Scam

RSN™ Guide: What Can You Expect After A Scam

Immediately After A Scam, You Will Have Questions

Here is our After-Scam Reality Check! It is blunt but to the point – you need proper expectations to move forward with your recovery.

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Based upon our 27 Years of Experience this is what you should expect: You Have Been Scammed And You Can’t Undo It. You Must Report The Crime To Your Local Police Even Though They Can’t Arrest The Scammer – But The Report Still Matters. You Will Not Be Able To Recover Your Money That You Sent To The Scammer.

RSN™ Guide: After The Scam Comes Disaster

RSN™ Guide: After The Scam Comes Disaster

This Guide Will Help You Understand The Hard Times That Come After A Scam

You all know what you felt after you discovered your scam. Heartache, despair, rage and anger, depression. The whole range of traumatic emotions that follow something like this.

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Some victims give away huge sums of money, from thousands to over a million. We know that scams are both an emotional dependency that results in grief after it ends, as well as an addiction that results in withdrawal after it is over. There have been massive amounts written about the impact on people’s lives when they experience these things.

RSN™ Guide: What Does Recovery Mean For A Victim?

What Does Recovery Mean For A Scam Victim

RSN™ Guide: What Does Recovery Mean For A Scam Victim?

Learn what the road ahead will be like for a romance scam victim. Learn about the stages of recovery and what these will mean to you personally.

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Scams are complex in that they involve psychological traumatization, addiction, and financial difficulty. We will help you understand and transition from Victim to Survivor to help you understand each stage of recovery. Being a Survivor does not mean that you have recovered, but that you have taken control of your recovery and are actively working on it towards a positive goal.


Getting Captured In A Scam

RSN™ Special Report: Talking To And Trusting Strangers, And The Captive Flow

Your Brain & The Amygdala Hijack!

The Amygdala Hijack

Gaslighting – Destroying Reality

RSN™ Guide: Gaslighting - Destroying Your Sense Of Reality

You Can Still Be Scammed!

RSN™ Insight: You Can Still Be Scammed!

Psychology Of Scams: Trauma Bonding

Psychology Of Scams: Trauma Bonding

Steps To Breaking Free & Recovering

10 Steps To Breaking Free & Recovering

Understanding the Victim Complex

Understanding the Victim Complex

A Scam Victim Or A Scam Survivor?

What Is The Difference Between A Scam Victim And A Scam Survivor?
More Information For Victims

Protecting Against Money Mule Schemes

Understanding and Protecting Yourself Against Money Mule Schemes View Larger Image

If Your Photos Are Used By Scammers

What To Do If Your Photos Are Being Used By Scammers

What Is The FBI’s

What Does The FBI’s Actually Do?

Get Help Directly From The FBI

Get Help Directly From The FBI's Victim Services Division
RSN™ About Military Scammers
RSN™ Guide: U.S. Army Scammers / Fake Soldier Romance Scams

RSN™ Guide: U.S. Army Scammers / Fake Soldier Romance Scams

Online Romance Scam Information About Stolen Soldier Identities

Impersonation & Identity Theft Of United States Army Soldiers – If You Suspect Someone Then They ARE A Scammer

You may have a suspicion about someone you have met online. You may not know it yet but your instincts picked up on something out of place (below we explain the Red Flags in more detail). Go with your gut – if it feels wrong it is!

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With over ONE BILLION (more than 1,000,000,000) fake identities online there are plenty of scammers to go around. 1 Billion is AFTER the social media companies delete nearly 1 billion a year! That is how big this all is! And there are nearly a million new victims a year. You are far from being alone in this.

The Odds Are Nearly 100% That The Soldier Who Contacted You Out Of The Blue Is A Scammer!

RSN™ Guide To Military Ranks

RSN™ Guide: To Recognizing Real United States Military & Soldiers

RSN™ Guide: United States Military & Social Media

So much of the information spread around about scammers and fake military is nothing but urban legend. False information, misinterpretation, or rumors spread like lice in a preschool. This article will help to clear up many of these preconceptions that are nothing but urban legends and replace them with fact.

Yes, the United States has military personnel in EVERY country on Earth (except a handful). Most of these are assigned to United States Embassies, however there are active military missions in over 100 countries – mostly fighting terrorists around the globe. Not since World War 2 has there been deployment of United States and NATO forces in more counties.

Find the information you need to know if someone is real or fake here.

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RSN™ Guide: How To Spot Fake United States Military ID Cards

RSN™ Guide: How To Spot Fake United States Military ID Cards

Right Up Front – If Someone Sends You A Photo Of Their ID Card They ARE A Scammer!

That is because it is illegal for United States Military personnel to copy their ID cards. It is that simple!

However, so many people want to understand how to make sure they are fakes that we have created the following.

United States Military ID Cards Are Called “CAC” – Common Access Cards.  The CAC, a “smart” card about the size of a credit card, is the standard identification for active duty uniformed Service personnel, Selected Reserve, U.S. Department of Defence [DoD] civilian employees, and eligible contractor personnel.  It is also the principal card used to enable physical access to buildings and controlled spaces, and it provides access to DoD computer network and systems.

Find the information you need to know if someone is real or fake here.

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RSN™ For Friends & Family Of Scam Victims

A Guide for Friends and Family of Romance Scam Survivors

A Guide for Friends and Family of Romance Scam Survivors

This Guide is intended for Family and Friends of someone that was involved in a Romance Scam

This is presented in the hope that it will help scam victims to explain what happened to them. We hope that by reading this you can understand that the victim was not at fault but was professionally manipulated beyond their will and control.

A Romance Scam Is An Unusual Crime. It Starts With Just Saying Hello.

The internet was conceived as a place for all of us to come together, connect with new people, people from all over the world. We could learn about each other’s cultures, lives, and histories, and make the world a smaller happier place. Or so went the theory.

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RSN™ Guide: To Family & Friends Scam Victim Interventions


The RSN Family’s Guide To Intervening With A Victim In Denial

One of the great tragedies is having a friend or family member trapped in a romance scam who will not believe what others see. They are trapped so deeply in the scam that they refuse to see the truth. This guide will help you with the options available to you, and ways to try to convince the victim of the truth that is so obvious to you and their family or friends.

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How To Confront Scam Victims In Total Denial

SCARS|RSN Guide To Confronting Scam Victims In Complete Denial

When you care for someone who is a Romance Scam Victims in total denial there is little difference between them and a drug addict. It is incredibly difficult in so many ways for you and everyone else that knows and cares for them. This Guide will help you understand how to approach them and achieve results.

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Boycott African Travel & Products
Help Stop Scams - Boycott African Coffee!
Boycott African Coffee!
Boycott Nigeria - Don't Go There

Our position is that we need to get the attention of the West African governments before much will change. In order to do that we have to create a threat to their financial wellbeing – that means that we ask for your help to boycott all African products or products that include African ingredients.  This is no different than “Conflict Free” products that is already the norm for products from Africa. We need your help to avoid African products and avoid tourism to Africa! When we have their attention then we can work together to solve the problems of West African Scamming!

SCARS|RSN anti-scam tips & clues you can use