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A SCARS Policy On Our Services

SCARS Policy Clarification:

SCARS is an organization that assists victims of online fraud and scams.

Our support groups are specifically for those affected by these crimes – meaning online crimes where the victim never really knows the criminal. You can learn more about us at www.AgainstScams.org

We do not offer support group services for victims of all crimes – our funding simply does not permit this.

Specifically, we are not for those who have actually met their criminal – who is in their same region – that is a different kind of crime – more normal fraud. While there may be a romance element, and even an online component, it does not make it a romance scam. There have been “bunco” or con artists since the beginning of time. While all of these are fraud, they are not online or romance scams or cybercrime.

If we do not accept someone for our support groups it is because they do not fit with the victim category that we support.

We provide services for a specific category of victims, and not for everyone.

As a nonprofit, we provide services for those that we can help and are happy to refer other types of victims to services that may be able to help them.

We cannot do everything. We do what we can and help those that we can. Even as the largest provider of support services of scam victims we have the services that we have.

Unfortunately, this produces conflict when a victim who is desperate cannot join one of our groups. But it is what it is. We cannot help everyone, but we do try to direct everyone to help they may need.

However, this is not always what someone wants.

We also refer victims to professionals who may have more serious mental healthcare needs. Not everyone can be helped by a support group setting. Or if they need legal or financial services. This is in compliance with our own ethical standards, and the NOVA standard for crime victims’ assistance.

Anyone that is in need of professional trauma support, here is a directory of trauma counselors and therapists: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/trauma-and-ptsd

Those that need legal or financial support should visit their state/province or national licensing bodies or professional associations for directories of these professionals – such as the American Bar Association.

We provide the services that we provide and are the world leader in what we do. We make determinations if each person is suitable for the services that we provide. If we feel they are not, we refer them, whenever possible to other services or professionals.

We also publish extensive free information to help victims through avoidance, recognition, and recovery on our www.RomanceScamsNOW.com. We also publish our recovery program guide in book form at the SCARS store at http://shop.AgainstScams.org

Additionally, we do not allow spectators or outside observation in our support groups for the confidentiality of these groups and their victims/members who place their faith in us. Any professional or entity that would like access to our support groups may contact us at contact@AgainstScams.org to explore this with us.

We wish every victim well, and we do our best to help all that we can.

SCARS Management
Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc.

An incorporated nonprofit crime victims’ assistance and crime prevention organization.
U.S. State of Florida Registration N20000011978 [“SCARS” DBA Registered G20000137918]

www.AgainstScams.org //www.RomanceScamsNOW.com // contact@AgainstScams.org

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