Romance Scam Information Alert

Romance Scam Information Alert

WARNING: Beware Of Romance Malware/Virus Scams

A Different Kind Of Romance Scam

This one comes To Your Inbox!

There are many kinds of junk emails that you will receive.

Some are product offerings, some are Phishing and Nigerian Style Money Scams.

But the most dangerous are the Malware Emails that usually have one of two ways to get you: they either include a dangerous attachment, or they get you to click a link.

Here is a perfect example of this:

Source Email Address:  Irena C. <>

Subject:  Always looking out

Ave dear

I am romantic, quiet, merry person. I am fond of adventures and traveling.

I like spending time in a family circle and with friends At the same time I like outdoor activities. I am looking for man who will be able to share emotions with me and protect me in difficult life situations.


Irena C