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Romance Scams Now Announces Support Group Anniversary

Our First Anniversary Of Our Formal Scam Victim’s Support Groups


We are pleased to announce our first year anniversary of our SCARS Approved (Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams) formal Victim’s Assistance Programs and Scam Victim’s Support Groups.

Since our beginning 26 years ago, we have been critically concerned about the impact romance scams have on individuals.

As time has gone by the sophistication of online fraud has grown to professional levels. Almost every 5 seconds someone if scammed online. Romance Scams are one of the most despicable in that they both rob their victims and also destroy them psychologically in the process. For these reasons we developed our support groups and RSN Steps Self-Help Recovery Program.

Since the introduction of our Victim’s Assistance Regulations & Standards Compliant Support Groups on Facebook we have been able to help more than 3,000 victims get through the trauma and recover to lesser or greater extent. We are pleased that we have been able to help people at their most vulnerable, and head of suicides in the process – unfortunately not everyone was so lucky, and it is for these reasons that we continue.

To all those that accepted our help we are humbled by that experience and pledge to continue to do our best to help all those victims in need.

If you are troubled and in need right now, please contact us by email so that we can send you an invitation to one of our Facebook Support Groups. Send your email to – please also include your Facebook profile link as well to confirm that you are on Facebook.

Thank you also to all of those that volunteered their time and energy into this endeavor. Each of you made a difference in the lives of so many.

As we continue into our 26th year of scam avoidance education and support, we are also a backbone member of SCARS and are helping shape public policy and enforcement in the future. We know that the current enforcement models do not work, but bright minds are at work on new models and processes that should change this forever in the near future.


Romance Scams Now
Miami Florida USA

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