Unfortunately, we have an African (and I don’t mean black) I mean African in the White House. So he has a personal bias in favor of the African countries.

As a first generation American, his father, Barack Obama, Sr., was a Luo from Nyang’oma Kogelo, Kenya.

Our President sees no reason to impose severe controls or restrictions on African countries for their failure to control rampant online fraud throughout the continent. This is a fact worth remembering. Most of the explosion in scamming has happened in the last 6 years. Now Facebook wants to explode internet access throughout Africa and Asia – these decisions have consequences.

Only South Africa with its stronger basis in the rule of law is serious about controlling scam, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Congo, and almost all other countries in Africa and the Middle East are exploding in scams of one type or another.

Only one current candidate has discussed the issue at all, that was Trump. He is actually aware of the problem. Especially the new BEC Scam threat.

Scams and online fraud are an international threat, and if the United States refused to be a leader, as we have in the past in law enforcement, then the rest of the world only looks inward, and international cooperation and enforcement becomes much weaker.

There is also the central fact that most African countries view this as more of a civil matter. Meaning that the victim voluntarily gave their money to the fraudsters and that their governments cannot be bothered with it. The only reliable enforcement has come with tax evasion, meaning the scammers don’ pay their income taxes.

There are a few shining examples though. Notably, the Malaysians are “kick-ass” on scammers. Singapore treats is like drug offenses. Philippines’ NBI also does a good job where they can. But the Western countries are primarily focused on education, and catching those inside their borders.

This is sadly the reason why the U.S. doesn’t do more. After all, just look at our Southern Border, we don’t even care about our own laws anymore!

Dr. Tim McGuinness
Romance Scams Now™
Miami Florida USA