The Single Photo Test!

A Dating Profile With One Photo
Is Automatically 60% Probability
Of Being A Fake Scammer’s Profile!

One of the things you find, after viewing thousands of scammer fake profiles
is that there are patterns in the scammer’s behavior.

The Single Photo Scammer Test


This behavior is based upon The Scammer Law of Conservation of Energy!

This is that scammers are by their nature lazy.  I don”t mean they don’t work their marks, but that just like a lion, they lay in wait for their prey.  This means that they hold back their energy until the moment is right to pounce, thus preserving their energy.

In their case, this means that they throw out thousands of profiles, knowing they will trap someone in them, so why should they put much energy into creating those profiles?

The result is they copy and paste their just text over and over again.  They also do this with images, because they know that takes work too.  So you will find a large proportion of scammer profiles with just one or two images.  If they have two, the two will be very closely related in scene or context, since they were stolen from someone.

So here is the Romance Scams Now
Profile Image Scam Ratios:

# Photos Probability Of Scammer
1 Photo 60% + Scammer
2 Photos 50% + Scammer
3 Photos 30% Scammer
4 Photos 20% Scammer
More than 4 Photos 5% Scammer