Anti-Scam Tip - Be Smart Against Romance Scammers!The Curious Case Of Juicy?

Or what happens when a scammer stops scamming!

Here is a case of a scammer using an unidentified woman to conduct their scams under a couple of different names.

The names used in profiles were:

  • Juicy

And was using this photo:

Juicy - Ghana Scammer


However, a curious thing happens whe you do a Google Image Search from this photo …

[search performed on March 8, 2015]

It results in the following:

 juicy the Ghana Scammer

Here is the page this came from: Scammers By Name – Sexy Juicy

Notice the second item – a Facebook profile for Eunice Sackey!

The way Google works is that it only indexes and lists what it sees.  So there is no way for Google to attach a photo to a web address, unless that photo appeared on that web address.  In this particular case, it was probably a profile photo.  As you know you can change and delete your profile photos.  You can also add posts in facebook and change the date to almost anything in the past.  (Must be great for a murder alibi.)

So, we think this Facebook profile was involved in scamming – the person lives in Ghana.  Even though they have removed the photo from the profile, Google has a long memory.  The most likely event is that the profile was created by the scammer (perhaps the son of the person in the profile), and then repurposed for the real Eunice Shackey of Accra Ghana.  Either way, we are glad that Eunice’s profile is no longer being attached to a scam, but it raises the point, that just because a scammer stops scamming – God Still Knows and so does Google!