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RSN™ Guide: You Are An Adult – So At Least Take Steps To Protect Yourself

Alright, You Are In A Relationship With A Man Or Women That You Are Sure Is Real!

You are absolutely sure they are real and that it is all a fairy tale – you will live magically happy ever after!

They have Unicorn Dust Coming Out Of Their Eyes!

Nothing we can say is going to dissuade you from your online relationship. So at least be smart about what you are doing. That makes sense right?

Playing It Safe In An Online Relationship

If you are going to connect with and you are going to send money, follow these steps to protect yourself.

  1. Always buy plane tickets yourself in the person’s name – that way they cannot scam you. They also can’t get a refund. Always tell them you are doing this. A real person will be very happy you are doing this. A scammer will try to talk you out of buying it, they will want you to send the money. There will always be some fantastical reason why you can’t buy the ticket.
  2. If they need money for an emergency, such as a hospital. Contact your embassy in the country to confirm the Hospital’s contact information. This is what Consuls do, they help their citizens with problems in local countries. Call the hospital’s billing department and first confirm the incident, and then if you are going to pay for it – pay the hospital directly.
  3. Always suggest that you will send the money TO your country’s embassy in that country, and they can pick it up there. Of course, a scammer will try to talk you out of it, because they know they can’t touch it. If they are ok with that method, you can probably be ok sending it MoneyGram or Western Union. Of course, this is no guarantee they are real, only that they are using a real name. This will not help you with real scammers, such as Filipinos who use their real identity, but it will bother the