Josie Model 39Why Do Scammers Choose Certain Photos?

Scammers Chose The Photos They Do Because They Are !

Man or Women, they target their victims carefully.

When an African scammer selects a stolen photo to use in a fake dating profile, they are looking for specific type of victim.  They are looking for someone that comes with built-in .

They are looking for someone that comes with built-in vulnerabilities.  This may be difficult to hear, but we all have vulnerabilities, especially when we get older and life is moving quickly.

They are looking for a victim that is very lonely, and can be triggered to make rapid and hasty decisions based upon the appearance of the fake person in the photos.  Sometimes this will be a paternal or maternal trigger (meaning protective).  Sometimes it will be flat-out lust.  Regardless of the trigger, they want victims that they can work up relatively quickly, usually in less than 30 days.

The reason for the speed is the business model of the scammers.  They have a large number