(Last Updated On: September 6, 2020)

Another Scammer Code Name Found:

We present a new selection of Romance Scammers Using The Name: HAWA

We’re not yet sure what is means, since it seems to be used by both Nigerians and Ghanaians.  In Arabic & Swahili, the word means “Longing”, as in they are longing for your money!  

It also figures in African mythology:

Wife of Adama. In the lore of the Songhai, she bore forty children but she and her husband hid twenty of them from god who built a wall to keep the parents from these children which he kept for himself.

Perhaps that meaning is part of the Scammer lore, in that they are keeping their identities hidden to escape capture by authority (weak though it is).

What is does mean is that if you find a Dating Profile with the name or the word “Hawa” RUN AWAY!  While it is a real name for an African woman (there is even a famous Nigerian model by that name), if used on an Asian or White woman, it means SCAMMER!  Better Safe Than Sorry!  If it is associated with a man, and many are – avoid them at all costs.  Any use of this word in any way associated with an on online dating profile is poison!

Remember these photos were stolen from real people!


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