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RSN™ Special Report: Facebook’s Manual On Credible Threats Of Violence

Reprinted from The Guardian – Copyright Acknowledged

At first, Facebook’s policies seem clear enough. Most start with a clear explanation of what it does and doesn’t tolerate. But often there are caveats. Some moderators struggle to understand distinctions – and some feel overwhelmed by the task. Updates reflect shifting attitudes and political pressure but can further complicate the job.

Facebook’s policies on graphic violence, non-sexual child abuse and animal abuse reveal its attempts to remain open while trying to ban horrific images. Moderators remove content ‘upon report only’, meaning graphic content could be seen by millions before it is flagged. Facebook says publishing certain images can help children to be rescued. Here is a small selection of slides from the moderation manual relating to Credible Threats Of Violence. Some use language we would not usually publish, but to understand Facebook’s content policies, we have decided to include it.

See For Yourself How Facebook Polices What Users Post