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We explore their features, their population of visible scammers, and what they appear to do or not do to control the scammers on their website.

Recently, an Asian Dating Website “” owner made certain fictitious claims about our website: has posted false information about

This is one of the ‘fake’ blogs, run by ‘experts’, that is nothing more than a method to promote VERY bad dating sites, and make money by doing it!  
Many of the blogs you can find online that have content about online dating, are run by the big dating sites to promote their site, or by people who make money by promoting dating sites who pay them.   The content they post is frequently total fantasy, and often untrue.

They claim this site, has ‘uncontrolled scammer activity’, and is a limited site, with many scammers.  

Of course, this is totally untrue.  I’ve spent the last seven years helping people with scams, helping them avoid scammers, and exposing scammers, and scam-filled sites. 

I screen all new profiles.    

3 of the sites they suggest are safe, are actually very bad sites, filled with fraud,,, and    These sites pay affiliates well, because they make a lot of money from high fees charged to members, and a lot of those fees are a result of contact with fake profiles. is in the news currently, due to a ‘call center’ associated with that site, in the province of Cebu, The Philippines, being raided by police and investigated for fraud, pornography, and prostitution.  The Chinese national owner, and a Pinoy manager are currently in custody. 

Employees of this ‘call center’ have given statements that they set up fake profiles on, and use fraud to get the men to spend money on the site, earning them commisions. 

You can read one of the news articles about this operation, and the arrests, at:

People are making money via fraud on dating sites.    They think you are stupid. Keep your wallet in your pocket.   

Don’t waste money on bad ‘paid’ sites, or send money to somebody you only know from the internet, or phone calls. 

I run this site as a demonstration that it is possible to run a ‘clean’ site.    I doubt I’ll even break even on the costs to provide it for a few more years, let alone make any money from it.    The days of making fast, easy money, easily, and without fraud, by setting up a dating site, are long gone.  

Greedy, clueless, and fraudulent people still think they can make money setting up dating sites, paid, or free.  It’s not likely, and less likely you can do it without  charging fees. 

Most sites who do charge fees do not provide much in safety in return.  

You should always google the name of any new dating site you are interested in.   Large, money making sites, like and put a lot of effort into creating misleading and fake blogs, and other internet content that will show up first in the search results.   Make sure you browse through a few pages of results.  

These big, paid sites spend a lot of money, and effort to ‘bury’ real reports of problems in the search results. 

They also pay well to affiliates who advertise for them, so some of these people who make money from the ‘bad’ site also spread dis-information about the bad sites, and people who try to expose them. 

I’m usually happy when scammers are upset with factual information I provide, free of charge, on the internet about scams.    I can’t say I’m happy when a self-proclaimed ‘expert’ on internet romance scams, tries to smear my site, but all you have to do is look at his ratings of ‘safe’ sites, and what he is up to is pretty clear.  

If there are many scammers here, where are they?    I detect 99% who sign up, and encourage members to report any suspicious behavior or member to me.   So far, how many ‘scammers’ or problem people have been reported to me in the year we have been online?   None. 

I can’t guaranty a few won’t slip through, but it will be a very few, and chances are they will be detected in the first few days of membership.  

Always expect to see a face on webcam, don’t accept pictures as proof you are in contact with the person in the pictures!  

Never send money to somebody you only know from the internet!

There is no reason to use a dating site that charges you per message, or for ‘translations’.   There is too much fraud on sites that promote this. 

Use your brains.   Why waste time and money on fakes, scams, scammers, or greedy  sites, that think you are an idiot?   

Our Response:

In our opinion, we think this site owner protests far too much, and incorrectly makes claims about our business.  We are not affiliated with ANY dating website, and in fact have given evidence in cases against dating website operators.  We base our evaluations of dating websites based upon our own observations, and in this case it appears to have hit a nerve.

We thought you should know for the record.

However, one of the problems now in Asia is that scammers are using their real identity, and shamelessly ask for money.  You are really talking to a real person, who has no intention of meeting or dating the victim.  So the type of scammers are different than the typical fake African scammer profile, but they are still scammers, none the less.