Esther Ansomaa 40Esther Ansomaa Is So Popular With Ghana Scammers

Here Is Another Collection Of Esther Ansomaas We Have Found

While we cannot say all are scammers, we suggest never talking with anyone by that name, since this is a name used very often by Ghana Scammers.

Facebook Esther Ansomaas:

Other Fake Facebook Profiles Associated With Esther Ansomaa:


One of things that scammers are is lazy and careless.  Always look at the fine details in both dating and Facebook profiles.

For example, we found this profile associated with the name Esther Ansomaa in Facebook:

Here is his photo:

Boamah Felix

Boamah Felix

BUT, at one point he changed his prfile photo to this (a photo we have on file being used in scams):

Boamah Felix

Boamah Felix


This is a perfect example of how this may have been originally created for scamming, then he decided to use it for himself.  Always be on guard for things like this!

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