PHILIPPINES  ScammersPhilippines Scammers Come In All Varieties

This one uses Fake Facebook Profiles to lure in victims

The greatest challenge with Filipina or Filipino scammers is that they uses real identities as well as fake ones.  When they give you their real identity, everything checks out, they are just scamming you.  They do this because they believe that they are immune in their country.

Philippines Scammer? Rody Nitz Jimenez aka Axeia Pearl

Philippines Scammer? Rody Nitz Jimenez aka Axeia Pearl from her/his fake facebook profile


Fake Profile:

[This profile was taken down as soon as we reported it]
  • “Friends” Profiles (Meaning the creator):

    Photos of the Potential Scammers:


    Here is what we think we know about this scammer(s).  They liked us on our Facebook Page and we posted a report about their clearly fake profile.  That profile has since been taken down! (Yeah for us! Got another one!).  The scam seems to be related, though we have no details, to a building company in the Philippines called Axeia.  They may have been using the identity of that company. However, as soon as you delete a profile, all Facebook links to it vanish unfortunately.  This post is the only record of the apparent scam now.