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Urban Legends: Yahoo Is Shutting Down

Urban Legends: Yahoo Is Shutting Down Yahoo was recently purchased by Verizon In the process of reworking Yahoo, several changes are taking place. Unfortunately, there are a number of people spreading false rumors about this. One such rumor is that Yahoo Mail is shutting down! Yahoo mail is NOT closing down. Yahoo messenger is, and Yahoo is clearing out the inactive account. Urban legends like this are a big reason why so many victims have [...]

Yahoo Messenger Shuts Down

Yahoo Messenger Shuts Down Gone after 2 decades! It will be remembered for its role in Nigeria’s Internet culture! Oath Inc. has announced that it is shutting down Yahoo Messenger from July 17, 2018. The web services provider said there is no direct replacement for Yahoo Messenger but redirect it users to Squirrel, a group messaging app it is working on. Yahoo Messenger was their first point of contact with the Internet and holds a [...]

Scammer: New Technique from Pricilia

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Pricilia This is a slightly new technique, read her message below! She is: Preciliapriciliacool@yahoo.compriciliacool on YM – Yahoo Messenger [never use an instant messenger] […]