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SCARS|RSN™ Insight: The Importance of the Police Report

SCARS|RSN™ Insight: The Importance of the Police Report By: Kirk B. Redwine, Criminal Justice Institute School of Law Enforcement Supervision Session XXII - October 26, 2003 The Importance of the Police Report Without the police report, your government has no real idea of what is going on, and cannot prioritize or allocate resources to address the problem. The failure to report results in reduced police resources, and crimes that are never addressed. "Most entertainment media [...]

2019-05-19T16:52:58-04:00May 19th, 2019|9 - ACADEMIC STUDIES & RESEARCH REPORTS, Act Against Scams - A SCARS Campaign, American / U.S.A. Scams & Scammers™, Australia / New Zealand Scams & Scammers, Canada Scams & Scammers, Do Your Duty - Report Scammers - A SCARS Campaign, EUROPE SCAMS & SCAMMERS, France / French Scams & Scammers, German Scams & Scammers - Liebesscammer, Government Actions Against Scams, Hong Kong & Macau Scams & Scammers, How To Report Scams & Scammers, India / Southern Asia Scams & Scammers, Indonesia Scams & Scammers, Irish / Ireland / Éirean Scams & Scammers™, Israel Scams & Scammers™, Japan / Japanese Scams & Scammers™, Korea Scams & Scammers, Latin American Scams & Scammers, Law Enforcement & Scams, Low Countries Scams & Scammers - Belgium Luxembourg Netherlands, Malaysia Scams & Scammers, Mexican Scams & Scammers, Never Be Ashamed - A SCARS Campaign, Philippines / Filipinas / Pinoy Scams & Scammers, Portugal Scams & Scammers, Romania Scams & Scammers, Russia / Russian Scams / Scammers, Scandinavian Scams & Scammers, SCARS|RSN - Anti-Scam University - ScamU™, SCARS|RSN - Insights, SCARS|RSN - Scampedia™, Singapore Scams & Scammers™, South African Scams & Scammers, Spain / Portugal Scams & Scammers™, Taiwan Scams & Scammers, Thailand Scams & Scammers™, U.K. / United Kingdom Scams & Scammers, Ukrainian Scams & Scammers™, Vietnam Cambodia Laos Scams & Scammers, World War On Scams - A SCARS Campaign|0 Comments

Scams And Your Small Business – SCARS|RSN™ Guide

SCARS|RSN™ Guide: Scams And Your Small Business A Guide for Small-Medium Business from the Federal Trade Commission & SCARS Scams and Your Small Business If you own a small business or are part of a non-profit organization, you spend a lot of time and effort making sure the organization works well. But when scammers go after your organization, it can hurt your reputation and your bottom line. Your best protection? Learn the signs of scams [...]

Las Estafas y Su Pequeño Negocio – Información de SCARS|LATINOAMERICA™

Información de SCARS|LATINOAMERICA™ : Las Estafas y Su Pequeño Negocio Una Guía de el FTC y SCARS Para los Negocios Las estafas y su pequeño negocio Si es dueño de un pequeño negocio o forma parte de una organización sin fines de lucro, usted invierte mucho tiempo y esfuerzo para asegurarse de que la organización funcione bien. Pero cuando los estafadores atacan su organización, eso puede perjudicar su reputación y resultar en pérdida de dinero. [...]

The ZOOSK Guide To Romance Scams [PDF] – Presented By SCARS|RSN™

SCARS|RSN™ Presents The ZOOSK Guide To Romance Scams The Online Dater’s Guide to Romance Scams Courtesy Of ZOOSK Once you know what you’re looking for, romance scammers can actually be very easy to identify and avoid. Check out these common behaviors and examples to learn how to spot a scammer. Hover Over The PDF To View Controls - Use Up/Down Arrows To View Pages You Can Also View The PDF Here: OnlineScammerGuide »     SCARS|RSN™ Team A SCARS Division Miami [...]

SCARS|RSN™ Special Report: Fake Check Scams Bait Consumers [PDF REPORT]

SCARS|RSN™ Special Report: Fake Check Scams Bait Consumers [PDF REPORT] Don’t Cash That Check: BBB Study Shows How Fake Check Scams Bait Consumers If someone calls and asks for money, you might be skeptical. But what if the person sends you a check in advance, you cash the check, and your bank tells you that money is in your account? Sounds Like A Safe Deal, Especially If It Is A Cashier’s Check, Which Is As Good As Gold. Right? Wrong. Here’s what crooks know, but you may not: [...]

RSN™ Special Report: A Better Business Bureau Study on Online Romance Scams

RSN™ Special Report: A Better Business Bureau Study on Online Romance Scams Online Romance Scams - A Better Business Bureau Study on How Scammers Use Impersonation, Blackmail and Trickery to Steal from Unsuspecting Daters Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader - Download For Free Here » [auto-iframe link=https://romancescamsnow.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/bbb-study-online-romance-scams-study.pdf tag=BBB-Report width=100% height=650 autosize=no] Download [PDF File] Online Romance Scams - A Better Business Bureau Study on How Scammers Use Impersonation, Blackmail and Trickery to Steal from Unsuspecting Daters Provided [...]

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