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Intervention For Relatives Of Scam Victims In Total Denial

A SCARS Guide: Intervention For Relatives Of Scam Victims In Total Denial Why Do Some People Refuse To Get It? INTRODUCTION This guide is intended for family members of scam victims that are in denial and refuse to accept that they are being scammed. This is NOT for scam victims themselves. First, Let'S Explore The Basics Of A Romance Scam A romance scam is a form of socially engineered fraud that relies on convincing someone that [...]

SCARS/RSN Family Intervention Letter

SCARS/RSN Family Intervention Letter A Tool To Help Family Members Of Victims In Denial To See The Truth We had been asked several times if we have something that family members could share with a victim in complete denial. We have our Family Intervention Guide and this has helped many, but some victims cling so tightly to their fantasy that they are truly willing to forsake all family and friends in favor of their imaginary [...]

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