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The FBI Issues A Warning About Synthetic Content

The FBI Issues A Warning About Synthetic Content Helping You Spot Fake Altered or Photoshopped Images Synthetic Content Now Represents A Significant Threat! Malicious Actors Almost Certainly Will Leverage Synthetic Content for Cyber and Foreign Influence Operations Malicious actors almost certainly will leverage synthetic content for cyber and foreign influence operations in the next 12-18 months. Foreign actors are currently using synthetic content in their influence campaigns, and [...]

Fakes On Facebook & Social Media – A SCARS Quick Guide

SCARS™ Resources - Recognizing Fake IDs & Profiles This will provide useful information that will help you identify fakes on Facebook and social media. Remember, there are well over 1 billion fake profiles on Facebook alone. The photos and the names do not matter, it is the behavior or the story that matters! But you can use the hints in this to help you. Spotting Fakes On Facebook A [...]