Reporting Scams Is Everyone’s Duty – SCARS™ Editorial

SCARS™ Editorial: Reporting Scams Is Everyone's Duty Reporting Scams Saves Lives Reporting scams and scammers is more than a duty we all share, it is also how we help other victims avoid scams or escape from scams they are already in. Sadly, most victims will never report their scams out of fear or anger, but it is essential that the world knows! That was the reason by SCARS and its partners invested in the creation [...]

SCARS™ Legacy Scammer Data List – Skype & Related Accounts

SCARS™ Legacy Scammer Data List - Skype & Related Accounts The following are legacy Skype and related accounts reported prior to the creation of the SCARS|CDN Cybercrime Data Network that distributes reported scam information worldwide. It was originally reported on and published prior to 2015 and is continued to be made available if needed. We have continued to make this information available in the event they are not all included in our [...]