The Issue Of Race In Scam Reporting

The Issue Of Race In Scam Reporting A SCARS Insight A Question Of Race We recognize that all victims, regardless of skin color share the same color of pain from being scammed and we are here to help them all, regardless of: race, nationality, origin, religion, gender, or politics Scammers are NOT all African - they come from almost every country on Earth. There are Latin American scammers, American [...]

Threats And Your Local Risk – SCARS™ Guide

SCARS™ Guide: Threats And Your Local Risk Are You Worried That Scammers Will Come After You? We have heard from countless victims who truly feared for their lives! Almost always without real reason, but for every rule there are exceptions. Let's Break Down What Your Real Risks Are: First, it is important to understand that not all scammers or online criminals are African. Frankly, this makes a major difference in the type and magnitude of [...]

SCAMMER: Joy Adams (joyadams1147) 33

Last Updated on September 5, 2020 by SCARS Editorial Team

Joy Adams (joyadams1147) 33 – photo stolen Says She’s In Malaysia, But Her IP AddressGeolocation Geolocation is the utilization of a device IP address, along with other device signals, to determine geographical location. An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical label such as that is connected to a computer network [...]