The Greatest Achievement of Social Engineering:
Santa Claus!

An Example of How Social Engineering is Used on Us All!

A SCARS Insight

Social Engineering Is The Science Of Manipulating Human

A Brief History

Social engineering is a top-down effort to influence particular attitudes and social behaviors on a large scale—most often undertaken by governments, but also carried out by media, academia, or private groups—in order to produce desired results in a target population (such as to make people accept scams). Social engineering can also be understood philosophically where the intentions and goals of the social engineering manipulator are realized.

Some social engineers use the scientific method to analyze and understand social systems in order to design the appropriate methods to achieve the desired results in human subjects. Some use social engineering without being conscious of the science – the best example of that is young children, that if allowed will aggressively manipulate their parents. Thus it is also a tool for manipulating individuals – one on one.

This has made social engineering a useful science in achieving specific results in politics, marketing, social conscience, and the direction of civilization. It is a science that allows very broad actions to control or manipulate whole populations by acting on individuals.

Some Milestones of Social Engineering

In the 20th Century, social engineering became a fully developed practical science. In the first 20 years of the century, we saw two major – world-changing achievements: the creation of the Soviet Union by Vladimir Lenin; and the promotion of the first world war, and the progressive movement in the United States by President Woodrow Wilson.

In the 1930s we saw a huge application of social engineering on a global scale. Hitler’s NAZIs were expert social engineers convincing a whole nation of their superiority – the same for Stalin, Franco, and Mussolini. In the United States, President Franklin used social engineering on a large scale to create projects for the good of the country but failed to convince the public of the need to defend Britton until Pearl Harbor. But the greatest achievement in the history of social engineering also was created in the decade of the 1930s.

Santa Claus!

Did Coca-Cola Create Santa Claus? Yes! And it is the greatest achievement in social engineering in modern times.

Who does not know the face of Santa Claus instantly? Not just in the United States, but worldwide. More people know his face than that of Jesus! He is the figurehead of a century of consumerism, but also goodwill and the best of humanity.

Coca-Cola did not create the legend of Father Christmas. But Coca-Cola advertising did play the role of inventing and shaping the jolly character we know today. Before 1931, there were many different depictions of Father Christmas around the world, including a tall gaunt man and an elf —there was even a scary version. Some were based upon real people, such as the Dutch Bishop “Sinterclaus” that took foot from Holland to Spain, and others such s Saint Nicolas.

But in 1931, Coca-Cola commissioned illustrator Haddon Sundblom to paint the Santa Claus for Christmas advertisements that we now know. Those paintings established Santa as a warm, happy character with human features, including rosy cheeks, a white beard, twinkling eyes, and laugh lines. It is important to remember that in much of the world the 1930s were a desperate time of financial depression and the world needed someone to bring joy back into their lives.

Sundblom drew inspiration from an 1822 poem by Clement Clark Moore called “A Visit from St. Nicholas” —commonly known as “Twas the Night Before Christmas.”

This then was the origin of Santa Claus – a social engineering exercise to brand and sell a product.

However, do not let the history of this mythographic figure put you off. This was truly a savior for many in a time of extreme hardship. But it does point out how social engineering is used by governments and businesses every day to control and manipulate us. But just sometimes, the Frankensteins Monster breaks free and achieves a life of its own. That was the case of Santa Claus, something greater than the sum of its parts and taken on a life all its own!

From all of us here at SCARS we wish you a Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas 2021

Merry Christmas 2021

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