I am a victim of a romantic fraud. When my fraud ended – totally emotionally devastated and financially broke I sought help. I joined the SCARS group where, without fear of being judged or blamed, I could share with others in posts, comments and weekly zoom meetings – very informative, integrative and motivating events, all that I went through and what I felt on a daily basis.

Thought provoking questions, articles published by SCARS in posts, as well as all the materials available on the website www.RomanceScamsNow.com articles, webinars, interviews with survivors, videos helped me find answers to my nagging questions and complete my knowledge about frauds.

Thanks to the help and support of SCARS, step by step I moved forward in my recovery process. I am a survivor now.

I owe my emotional recovery entirely to SCARS.

As a survivor, I take advantage of the opportunities provided by SCARS to get knowledge necessary to serve other victims of crime as a SCARS volunteer.