WOW – This is the most bizarre incident involving a Nigerian Scammer that we know of!

Alleged Internet fraudster runs wild, stabs himself to death

The deceased identified as Mukoro Ovie aka Close Betting had run away to the town hall after his mother reportedly took him to a church in the community for prayers over his strange behavior.

Close friends of the deceased revealed that the deceased who had been in his early 20s, just thrown a lavish birthday party in May at a popular hotel in the Ekuigbo area of Ughelli, spending thousands on drinks for guests who attended the party.

Sources reportedly revealed that Mukoro had been acting strangely for some days before he took his life.

Pleading anonymity, a source said, “All attempts to restrain him were fruitless as he charged at anyone that tried to restrain him as he continued using the broken bottle on himself until he slumped and died,” a resident of the community stated.

“He ran away from the church his mother took him to for prayers to the community town hall and started stabbing himself.”

“The more sympathizers tried to stop him from continuously stabbing himself, the more he did so.”

When contacted, a senior police officer at the Ughelli Area Command, confirmed the shocking incident, stating that the police was called to the scene of the incident by the Oteri community chairman after attempts to restrain the deceased failed.

He said: “Before we got to the scene of the incident, he had stabbed himself on the throat and had lost too much blood after which he slumped and died with his remains deposited in the mortuary.”

The local police who confirmed that they were told that the Yahoo Boy had been cursed by someone online! Apparently this made him so afraid that it caused a complete breakdown.

The irony is that scammers cause the deaths of ten or more people a day!

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