Nigerian Dating Scammer Kazeem Owonla Arrested Kazeem Owonla Arrested  In The U.S.

Nigerian Dating Scammer Kazeem Owonla Arrested Kazeem Owonla Arrested In The U.S.

NEWS : Montana Attorney General Impersonator Arrested in Georgia

Kazeem Owonla Arrested After Impersonating Montana Attorney General In Online Dating Scam

A notorious Nigerian Scammer made the mistake of stealing the Montana Attorney General’s photo for his scams, and then visiting the U.S.  

Gotcha You Bastard!!

Kazeem Owonla (a.k.a. John Tony Hagan)
Ex-Nigerian Dating Scammer!

According to Fox TV Montana: 

MISSOULA – By Angela Marshall

A Nigerian man is arrested after impersonating Montana’s Attorney General in an online scam that spans across the country.

Authorities apprehended Kazeem Owonla, 44, Wednesday morning in Atlanta, Georgia.

Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department detectives say an investigation revealed a woman from the Syracuse, Indiana, area wired a large sum of money to Owonla.

The suspect had reportedly used the alias name of “John Tony Hagan” during his contact over the internet.

He used a non-authorized photo of Montana Attorney General Tim Fox as his profile picture during conversations with the victim.

They say he is also suspected of scamming another woman in Ohio, and potentially a third.

Owonla is currently awaiting transportation back to Indiana, where he will be held on a $150,000 bond.

According to the Huffington Post:

Montana Attorney General's Photo Used In Dating scam

Montana Attorney General’s Photo Used In Dating scam

A Nigerian resident faces charges that he set up an online dating profile using a photo of Montana’s attorney general and falsified stories about overseas business problems to scam several women.

Felony charges against Kazeem Owonla were filed last month in Indiana, where one woman reported sending more than $100,000 to a man who represented himself as John Tony Hagan, an electrical engineer who was working in Egypt.

Owonla, 44, was arrested Wednesday when he got off an airplane in Atlanta and waived extradition to Indiana Thursday during a hearing in Clayton County Magistrate Court. Clayton County records did not indicate if Owonla has an attorney.

His bond in Indiana is set at $150,000 cash, enough to cover the women’s losses, Kosciusko County prosecutors said.

The Indiana woman who first complained said she met “Hagan” online in January 2014 and by the next month he was asking her for money.

The woman said Hagen told her he needed money to replace his stolen tools. She said she sent him $5,600. The woman also responded to requests for $12,000 to pay his workers and for $25,000 to replace money that was supposedly stolen when his interpreter was stabbed after they made a bank withdrawal. In June, the woman provided investigators with receipts showing she wired or made bank transfers totaling more than $100,000 to the man she believed was Hagan, court records said.

“It got pretty intense fairly quickly,” the woman told WNDU-TV in July on the condition the station not use her name because she was embarrassed that she fell for the scam. “Lots of passion and attention.”

A deputy found the bank transfers from the woman were ending up in an account owned by Owonla, who was in the U.S. on a visitor’s visa last year.

The investigation also turned up a $1,550 bank transfer form an Ohio woman who told a similar story. She met a man online who identified himself as Henry Tesone, an electrical engineer in South Africa who was headed to Egypt to work. He also used stolen tools and other similar reasons to get the Ohio woman to send him a total of $11,590.

The deputy’s investigation turned up a third bank transfer of nearly $8,200 from a woman who may be another victim. He is still trying to locate her.

The photo used on the Hagan profile was taken from Montana Attorney General Tim Fox’s campaign website without his permission.

In August, Fox’s spokesman, John Barnes, said the attorney general was upset his image was used in the same. He noted the con artist chose the photo of someone who oversees consumer protection and warns citizens of scams.

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