(Last Updated On: September 6, 2020)

So Many Questions …

About Our Fear

Why are there Victims of Romance Scams?

Why do we accept scammers and liars into our life?

Why do we accept the stories and open our hearts to frauds?

Maybe we are afraid to truly look for a real person?

Maybe we want to believe in a fantasy because it is easier to accept the lie instead of continuing to look for someone real?

Maybe there are victims because the scammers know our fear and exploit it?

As we age, we lose our immortality, we become afraid, but why do we accept our fear as normal?

As we age, we gather money and assets, but why are we willing to gamble it all?

As we age, we lose connections, and become more isolated in our mind and life, but why do we accept that?

You are stronger than that, but why can’t you face your fear?

Can you walk away from your fear and find a life that is better?

Can you change the way you think and live with less fear?

Can you face your fear and be happy?

Well, can you?

Well, are you ready?

Well, you can!

It starts with rejecting fantasies in your life.

It starts with accepting the truth of who you are, good or bad.

It starts with accepting that you can be better, do better, feel better.

This is truth.

This is not a fantasy.

This is who you really want to be.

We all have limitations, but limitations can be worked on, and some even overcome.

We all have hard things that we are afraid of, but we can work through those fears.

We all have things we are good at and bad at.

To get where we truly want, we have to work through our fear.

To get what we want, we have to let go of fantasy.

To calm our soul we have to let go of the anger that fear has brought.

You have to become fearless.

You have to trust yourself again.

You have to look forward with open eyes at what is real.