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Davide Cameron photo used by African Scammer

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I would like to report a California scammer. I just won a 10 thousand dollar judgement on him. His name is Michael Dunn.. “Buffed Attorney” from orange and SanDiego counties in California. He claims to be a real estate attorney and preys on recently divorced or widowed women under the guise of helping them sell their homes. I personally discovered this in my PI work. I did not date this person but did get scammed by him in a bogus business deal from which I was awarded a judgement against him. I am just trying to warn other unsuspecting victims… Read more »

Hello everybody, i want to report a possible Scammer. he says he’s name is Brian Molton working fo deployment in Syria. I knew hin by: [link removed]. he says he needs money to leave. he says he is undercover so he cannot do videochat.


Please tell me more

Larry hamm

I had a romance scammer try to get $300. From me her name was teressa car in mississippi i have pics of she how do i send pic and address


hi, Please help me can you check if [email protected] is a scammer or not I had once been scam by [email protected] I meet him in datememe dating site. I dont want to be scam again thanks.

Anna :)


Col.Richard Kemp…Scamer ?


Hi met someone throught dating site account and i have a feeling that hes a scammer just want to make sure if he was.. Hes name ia Franklin vought from and hes email address is [email protected]..


Hello i also received a message from the same account [email protected] i think he is a scammer also another account [email protected]..just sending emails and want to get to know me but i sense that something is wrong with them.they are from the filipino4u dating site.