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One of the easiest ways to spot scammers from Ghana, or Nigeria, etc. is their use of language.

We call this Scammer Grammar!

They have learned not to write their profile text, they steal those from real people – but may have to modify them.

But the messages are the dead give away.  They are written in what we call Ghenglish!

Here are the keys to spotting Ghenglish:

  • Lower case i’s
  • No spaces after a comma or very inconsistent spacing
  • Odd capitalization of key words they think make a difference – like bait to a fish
  • Odd phrases & bad grammar
    [nobody talks like this]:
    • your searching criteria
    • thanks for your time
    • loving young lady
    • God fearing lady
    • nice to read from you
    • average body type
    • all of these much be
    • describe my self as I would describe myself   [maybe this was Austin Powers?]
    • very charming woman
    • I value the laws of ethics
    • lighthearted lady
    • all of these much be in a relationship to make it grows
    • keep in a good shape
    • Seeking for truelove
    • I’m not thePhysical beauty for the Inner Beauty Count much as chemistry
    • I am a lady that is in need of real and perfect love
    • i want you to email me to my address and i will respond back to your mail there
    • a years young female
    • a woman with good personality
    • i will like to be your friend for now if you don’t mind
    • I am not a promiscuous woman
    • am not here for play or game
    • am not a fake person and am not a scam am not like that type of woman that lie and cheat on man
    • important in life of every happy family
    • I have no options than letting you Know
    • my Private mail
    • no scion-economic Barrier
    • compassionate Woman
    • hard working and God fearing woman
    • Your profile sparkle my interest   [must be from Donny Darko]
    • have you been commited in a strong relationship before
    • what you like
    • Are You There Well
    • I’m new to This web
    • through my serious search
    • hello,good morning,how was night
    • ,am also in search for a serious relationship too
    • I am new to this online dating
    • Anyway i will like to know
    • if we have a great chemistry
  • Improper Tenses:
    • am divorce now
    • i will like to know
    • Hope to hearing from you soon
  • Odd use of singular and plural:
    • watching movie
  • Wrong or lack of use of possessives:
    • a very good night rest
    • I’m looking for my heart desire

We think they do this, because they believe that automated rules are looking for these RED FLAGS in profile text and messages.  But more likely, they just speak such bad English, they really don’t know any better.

What is so disturbing is the utter contempt of these people.  They all make the same mistakes, but they really don’t care, because some fool will always buy their crap!

At least you can have some fun baiting them.  But go slow, because you could very well find a real person in the mix.


  1. Monte December 11, 2016 at 7:59 am - Reply

    I just happened to find you guys today and I must say THANK YOU. I’m sure I say that for a lot of guys that have been burned. In the time I’ve been trying out the online dating thing (1y3mo) I’ve learned so much I’m thinking about writing a book on how to spot a scammer. You guys got a lot of it in the things they say that they shouldn’t. But you missed a couple of big red flags. The use of the word mum instead of mom. That’s a dead giveaway, especially if they are saying they’re from anywhere other than Britain. This is how people talk when influenced by the British like in Africa. They picked up enough that it’s now part of the way they speak. That’s on of the reasons they don’t ever want to talk on the phone. Every time one of the ladies I’m talking to won’t give me a number or the biggest red flag of all my phone only receives text because they dropped it in water. To date, every one I’ve spoken to from Ghana has been a scammer. 73 out of 73. I’m now working with the FBI regarding romance scammers on two different cases. I’ve gotten so pissed off every time I come across one I know for sure is one, I turn them into the IC3. I find it amazing that they all seem to be working from the same handbook. All the stories have the same basic elements to it, a dead or dying loved one mostly parents. Or they are import-exporters and they’re out of the country to buy more whatever only to be on they’re way back to see you when something bad happens and now they need your help so they can get back to be with you. Plus why is it these fools never have a real job? It’s to the point now when I know I’m talking to one I start making fun of the people from the country I believe them to be from. It’s funny how fast I can get under their skin and they lose their shit. lol, When I start calling them fat and lazy just like all the other black guys that aren’t smart enough to get a real job. Oh man, that will set them off in a hurry. Sorry, got a little off track there. You guys rock. Thanks for fighting the good fight for all of those that don’t have a clue yet. Peace

  2. Kyle May 23, 2016 at 5:08 pm - Reply

    One other thing they will also send you a message between the middle of the day between 1:00pm and 3:00pm, that is when they are at their Internet cafe’s at night between 7:00pm-10:00pm their time

    • Romance Scams Now Editorial Team May 24, 2016 at 7:14 am - Reply

      Many are working in gangs, so they tag-team their victims to catch them whenever they can.

  3. jerry hoy November 28, 2013 at 1:36 pm - Reply

    I’m talking to a girl from Ghana right now who always says “husband of mine”. She goes my the name, Evelyn Amenuku. She says she’s in nursing school in Ghana but the language she uses is just quirky.

    • Romance Scam Detective December 5, 2013 at 10:54 am - Reply

      The quirky is their fractured English – we call it Scammer Grammar. I am sorry to say, there is NOTHING you can believe. Even if “She” sends photos, they could be from a local girl that gets paid for her photos. This is VERY big business with the Sakawa boys – watch the video and you will understand. They are each bringing in thousands per month. The sad truth is that NO ONE in Central Africa can be trusted. And don’t ever think about going there – the minute you get off of the plane, you are subject to kidnapping and ransom.

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