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One of the easiest ways to spot scammers from Ghana, or Nigeria, etc. is their use of language.

We call this Scammer Grammar!

They have learned not to write their profile text, they steal those from real people – but may have to modify them.

But the messages are the dead give away.  They are written in what we call Ghenglish!

Here are the keys to spotting Ghenglish:

  • Lower case i’s
  • No spaces after a comma or very inconsistent spacing
  • Odd capitalization of key words they think make a difference – like bait to a fish
  • Odd phrases & bad grammar
    [nobody talks like this]:
    • your searching criteria
    • thanks for your time
    • loving young lady
    • God fearing lady
    • nice to read from you
    • average body type
    • all of these much be
    • describe my self as I would describe myself   [maybe this was Austin Powers?]
    • very charming woman
    • I value the laws of ethics
    • lighthearted lady
    • all of these much be in a relationship to make it grows
    • keep in a good shape
    • Seeking for truelove
    • I’m not thePhysical beauty for the Inner Beauty Count much as chemistry
    • I am a lady that is in need of real and perfect love
    • i want you to email me to my address and i will respond back to your mail there
    • a years young female
    • a woman with good personality
    • i will like to be your friend for now if you don’t mind
    • I am not a promiscuous woman
    • am not here for play or game
    • am not a fake person and am not a scam am not like that type of woman that lie and cheat on man
    • important in life of every happy family
    • I have no options than letting you Know
    • my Private mail
    • no scion-economic Barrier
    • compassionate Woman
    • hard working and God fearing woman
    • Your profile sparkle my interest   [must be from Donny Darko]
    • have you been commited in a strong relationship before
    • what you like
    • Are You There Well
    • I’m new to This web
    • through my serious search
    • hello,good morning,how was night
    • ,am also in search for a serious relationship too
    • I am new to this online dating
    • Anyway i will like to know
    • if we have a great chemistry
  • Improper Tenses:
    • am divorce now
    • i will like to know
    • Hope to hearing from you soon
  • Odd use of singular and plural:
    • watching movie
  • Wrong or lack of use of possessives:
    • a very good night rest
    • I’m looking for my heart desire

We think they do this, because they believe that automated rules are looking for these RED FLAGS in profile text and messages.  But more likely, they just speak such bad English, they really don’t know any better.

What is so disturbing is the utter contempt of these people.  They all make the same mistakes, but they really don’t care, because some fool will always buy their crap!

At least you can have some fun baiting them.  But go slow, because you could very well find a real person in the mix.

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I just recently received DM on my FB from someone who fits this profile. The grammar is horrible but every once in a while he will through something in with perfect grammar. I google it and to no surprise it is a quote from someone else. He hasn’t asked for anything but within the first hour he said he loved me. RED FLAG! I checked his profile and did a lot of digging around to find that he is full of it. I have called him on it. Asked for a selfie with thumbs up and he sends a different… Read more »

Is there any data base that can be integrated with a php site that can check the ip against their profile? if not a match they get deleted and banned.


you are so right on the money. I have a dating site and I constantly check their ip addresses and yes their grammer is worst them a 5 year old.

This guy tells me, he enjoys charting with me, I assume that’s chatting, and he told me, he is a General of the United States of America but is for privacy and cannot give me his APO, also, he wanted to know if I enjoyed his presents (I guess that means presence, he said, am so happy to meet you, have you eaten? He was in love with me in less than three days. He’s in Syria and need me to write a letter to request his leave and help pay his Visa which is 12,000, needless to say I… Read more »

This people in Ghana,Nigeria and AFRICA have nothing else to do,they are lazy people who depends on getting money to other people who are very vulnerable.I think they should abolish Face book and Social Media.This was the start of this Scammers business.We should go back in the year 1960’s.

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