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I don’t get mad I get even!! Since I was recently swindled by a scamming bitch, I police the dating sites now. I’m doing everything I can to shut these bastards down. Karma will get the bitch that scammed me.


I just reported a scammer from Asked for my number and gave me a number with an area code that was out of state. He said he recently moved but he’s on this site scammer list and he communicated with me without viewing my profile. I reported him on match but am concerned that he has my number, not sure what his intent is.

I have not been able to complete a report because my scammed experience was a year ago and I have deleted emails, pictures, phone numbers, and instant messages. I had a number of scammers working on me but one in Ghana was most disturbing. This was plane ticket and visa scamming that got way out of hand when demands for customs money and marriage license woke me up to the reality. I wish I could tell others to recognize this before they lose their money and dignity. Any younger (female) contacting a middle aged man from match or other internet… Read more »

ich bin bei lablue auf einen Betrüger aus Ghana reingefallen, er gibt sich als Robert Logan aus, reicher selbständiger Witwer aus Berlin, der angeblich ein Bürokomplex in Ghana baut, er flog deshalb nach Ghana da es Probleme mit der Baustelle gab und ich sollte ihm über Western Union Bank Geld überweisen das er zurück nach Berlin kann da er sein ganzes Geld für sein Projekt ausgab, das Geld sollte ich an Prosper Kekeli Gunu senden, aber ich tat es zum Glück nicht

i’ve scammed by “american man”. But i like to unveil the scammers, and i enjoy. This man said he wants marry me, etc etc, so he asked to me 5350 dollars, his name is “johnson daniels”. He sent me a false passport and a false drive license. Later, when I told him I understood everything, he told me he was Nigerian, his mother is dying and needs money. He kept telling he loves me and wants to marry me. He Continues to connect to viber. His cellphone number is this: 001 (904) 395-5067. Now I’m talking to another “English” man… Read more »