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A Review Of Various Dating Websites & Scammer Risks


The following are our ranks for Dating Websites based upon our own observations:


Name Of Dating Website URL Observations Safe Dating Ranking

About 60% of accounts appear to be Ghana, Nigerian, and Ukrainian Scammers, plus they charge you for the priviledge of reading their scammer messages.  CLICK HERE FOR OUR REVIEW 1

About 60% of accounts appear to be Ghana, Nigerian, Russian and Ukrainian Scammers, site is operated by a Russian Company 0

Drowning in Ghana and other Scammers 0

About 85% of accounts appear to be Ghana or Nigerian Scammers 1

I Date Asia

Management jailed for creating false profiles 1

Drowning in Ghana, Nigeria, and Philippines Scammers.   0

Drowning in Ghana, Nigeria, and Philippines Scammers.  SEE OUR WARNING HERE 0

Drowning in Ghana, Nigeria, and Philippines Scammers.  Plus hookers 0

Drowning in Ghana, Nigeria, Russian, Ukrainian, and Philippines Scammers 0

Has been reported to ban users that report scammers. 3

Limited Site with many scammers (scammers using real identities) 4

Large number of very aggressive Scammers 4

seems to be mostly real locals but scammer are present 8


Seems to be all screened women 10

Profile Testing weeds out some scammers 7

Charming Date

Seems to be all screened women 10

Profile screened and generally safe 10

Site owners: Are Africans really that critical to these sites? We completely fail to understand why these sites do not ban certain countries, and all proxy services!  This is almost equal to being a criminal accessory.  Feel free to tell them that too!  See our open letter here!

If you feel that any of these observations are in error, please leave us a comment below.

Report Your Scammers! We’ll Do The Rest!

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The scammers have a new angle, they now convince “legitimate” dating sites like Plenty Of Fish to post promotional links to their sites. POF should be ashamed of themselves, because they no longer want to accommodate people looking for a casual encounter they have been directing people to join phoney hookup sites, full of fake accounts, run by credit card scammers. Never mind law enforcement, why do the credit card companies allow billing from any company whom does not have a business address in the same country as their server, and whom has multiple complaints and charge backs?


OkCupid is full of scammers.

Do you have any info on a site called First Met I kept getting adds for them on my face book page so I signed up then kept getting things about going premium and when the price got down to 9 dollars i signed up for premium was charged and got a conformation but I am not able to use premium features I found out how to contact them by email and they say they have a phone number but its only available on the premium account page but of course you can only access that page if your a… Read more »

Thank you for creating this site I feel some sort of gratification by being able to at least tell someone about what happened to me. I was naïve and had no idea what was going on until it was all over and unveiled. I will never understand how people like scammers can exist without any remorse for what they do to unsuspecting people who are willing to befriend them. I vowed to myself to never be a victim again but I guess as long as there are lonely people there will always be a platform for scammers. SMH.