How To Recognize U.S. Army Military Ranks

//How To Recognize U.S. Army Military Ranks
How To Recognize U.S. Army Military Ranks2017-12-30T21:53:41-04:00
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U.S. Army Military Ranks

A Guide To U.S. Army Military Ranks

With scammers stealing so many photos of U.S. Military Personal you need to know how to confirm what the scammers say.

Generally, scammers are lazy and make huge numbers of mistakes due to their poor education.  You can use this against them!

Here is a table of U.S. Military Ranks to compare with what the scammers tell you their rank is:

U.S. Army Ranks

E-1 PVT – Private
E-2 PV2 – Private 2 – Second Class PV2 - Private 2 - Second Class
E-3 PFC – Private First Class PFC - Private First Class
E-4 SPC – Specialist SPC - Specialist
E-4 CPL – Corporal CPL - Corporal
E-5 SGT – Sergeant SGT - Sergeant
E-6 SSG – Staff Sergeant SSG - Staff Sergeant
E-7 SFC – Sergeant First Class SFC - Sergeant First Class
E-8 MSG – Master Sergeant MSG - Master Sergeant
E-8 1SG – First Sergeant 1SG - First Sergeant
E-9 SGM – Sergeant Major SGM - Sergeant Major
E-9 CSM – Command Sergeant Major CSM - Command Sergeant Major
 E-9 SMA – Sergeant Major Of The Army  SMA - Sergeant Major Of The Army
 W-1  WO1 – Warrant Officer  WO1 - Warrant Officer
 W-2 CW2 – Chief Warrant Officer 2  CW2 - Chief Warrant Officer 2
 W-3  CW3 – Chief Warrant Officer 3  CW3 - Chief Warrant Officer 3
 W-4 CW4 – Chief Warrant Officer 4  CW4 - Chief Warrant Officer 4
 W-5 CW5 – Chief Warrant Officer 5  CW5 - Chief Warrant Officer 5
 O-1 2LT – Second Lieutenant  2LT - Second Lieutenant
 O-2  1LT – First Lieutenant  1LT - First Lieutenant
 O-3  CPT – Captain  CPT - Captain
 O-4 MAJ – Major  MAJ - Major
 O-5  LTC – Lieutenant Colonel  LTC - Lieutenant Colonel
 O-6 COL – Colonel  COL - Colonel
 O-7  BG – Brigadier General  BG - Brigadier General
 O-8 MG – Major General  MG - Major General
 O-9 LTG – Lieutenant General  LTG - Lieutenant General
 O-10  GEN – General  GEN - General
– – –  GA – General Of The Army  GA - General Of The Army

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  1. Dianne July 12, 2017 at 4:00 pm - Reply

    Is there a way to find out who man in Army uniform with only his last name n rank?

  2. jeremymclean August 5, 2016 at 12:18 pm - Reply

    This man is caring on a text relation ship and he knows how to pull ur buttons now he’s asking me to send money to him so that they can eat I got smart and looked this up thank God u were here Ii hope he gets diclapine

  3. Christine May 1, 2016 at 7:47 am - Reply

    I have been communicating with a guy on Uniform dating site and want to find out if he is genuine and not a scammer . This is the e-mail address he gave which we talk. [email protected]

    He is in Afaganistan a soldier . I really need to know please

    • Romance Scams Now Editorial Team May 2, 2016 at 8:25 pm - Reply

      Why do you need to know? Is he asking for money, if so, he is a scammer. You need to use your common sense. Take the time to learn how to recognize scammers. If you are on Facebook go here:

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