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Register First Then Request To Join A Support Group

Join a SCARS/RSN Victims’ Support Group

Step 2: After You Have Registered For Our Forums [Above]

If you are a scam victim in need of assistance and support we also offer confidential support groups here and on Facebook.

Normal RSN Forum members can only see the Global Scams Discussion Forum. To be accepted into our Support Groups please fill in this form so that we can help you!

SCARS™ & RSN™ Groups on FacebookRSN™ Groups On Facebook

(This is just a few – you are welcome to visit and request to join them)

  1. RSN Romance Scam Victim’s Assistance & Support Group #27

  2. Amigas Latinoamericana Anti-Estafas :: Ayuda y Apoyo Para Víctimas

  3. SCARS™ Official Anti-Scam Advocates Community

  4. SCARS™ Official Scam Avoidance Education & Information

  • About You

    First be sure to Register for our Forums then Please fill in these fields below so we can add you to our support group.
  • This must be your REAL name
  • This is so that Facebook can send you an invitation to our Support Groups
  • Give us your Facebook profile link so we can confirm your identity and invite you into one of our SCARS/RSN Support Groups on Facebook
  • Please briefly describe your scam situation so we know how best to help you. Remember, this is not a place to report scams - for that look in our menu.
  • If you want to join one of our Facebook Support Groups just visit & join here on a SCARS/RSN Facebook Support Group or select below:
  • Important

  • When you fill in this information, you confirm that you have been the victim of an online romance / love scam - even if you did not lose money.

    You are giving us permission to check your profile to confirm your identity.

    You are also confirming that you have:

    • Reported your scammer(s) on this website (see menu) or on
    • Have stopped talking with your scammer!
    • Have a real interest in recovering and overcoming the trauma from your scam.

  • You give us your permission to send you emails for a support group invitation and related purposes.

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Please Share RSN - Help Save Other Victims!
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