Información de SCARS™ : Noticias de Estafas Se Está Mudando a

Información de SCARS™ : Noticias de Estafas Se Está Mudando a En El Futuro, Publicaremos Todas Las Nuevas Noticias De Estafas & Estafadores En Nuestro Sitio Web » ESTO NOS PERMITARÁ MANTENER EL SITIO WEB DE ROMANCESCAMSNOW.COM (ESTE SITIO WEB) ENFOCADO EN EL APOYO A LAS VÍCTIMAS, EL CONOCIMIENTO DE ESTAFAS Y LOS PROBLEMAS DE RECUPERACIÓN ¡También Publicamos Sitios Web Adicionales Como Usted Sabe! Nuestro sitio web corporativo de SCARS es » [...]

SCARS™ Scam & Scamming News: Is Moving To SCAMCRIME.COM

SCARS™ Scam & Scamming News: Is Moving to Going forward, we are publishing all new Scam & Scammer News on our website » THIS WILL ALLOW US TO KEEP THE ROMANCESCAMSNOW.COM WEBSITE (THIS WEBSITE) FOCUSED ON VICTIM SUPPORT, KNOWLEDGE, AND RECOVERY ISSUES We Also Publish Additional Websites As You Know! Our Corporate SCARS Website is » Our Scammer Reporting Website (you can report scammers on this website ») for distribution worldwide through [...]

SCARS™ Launches New All Scam News Website

SCARS™ Launches New All Scam News Website New » We are proud to have launched a new website dedicated to scam related news and information from around the world! Be sure to visit and subscribe to stay up to the minute with all the latest news about scams and scammers wherever they may be! ScamCrime is just another of SCARS' efforts to keep you informed and safe in a world where almost any activity [...]

Romance Scams Now on Facebook

Want To Learn More?Like and Follow Us on FacebookRomance Scams Now has several different Facebook pages dedicated & focused on different aspects of Dating Scams.Main Romance Scams Now™ Facebook PageTips & Techniques to Fight Dating Scammers Facebook PageNigerian Dating Scammers Facebook PageHow to Spot Scammers Facebook PageCatalog of Porn Stars that Scammers Love Facebook PageSocial Scammers - Fake Facebook Profiles PageSociety of Ghanaian Scammers Facebook PageBe sure to visit and Like them all to follow [...]

Enough Is Enough!

We're Mad As Hell And We Are Not Going To Take It Anymore! Why are YOU not telling that to Dating Site Owners & YOUR Governments? When was the last time you were ready to throw in the proverbial towel? Did you end up letting go, or decided to fight on anyway? We are ready to take this fight to Congress and Governments the world over! Are you willing to help? Please Sign Our Petition [...]

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Open Letter To The Online Dating Industry

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Dating Websites Live In Denial An Open Letter To The Dating Industry We are often surprised to see just how ambivalent Dating Site operators are about Scammers and Fake profiles! In a recent study conducted by the found that the majority of online daters surveyed (from our 30,000+ visitors per month) is that they no longer believe in online [...]

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