How RSN Team and SCARS became part of my Recovery.

It was summer 2016 when I met my scammer in facebook, (Kyle P. Butler) using the profile picture of Mr. Ryan Pitts.

He is U.S. military and currently deployed in Nigeria for a mission. Single with one daughter (i forgot the name thou— (a sign that I already coped from the scam😊).

He is a commanding officer and also a medical doctor. (This is how he introduced himself to an innocent lady, and that was me… ahahaha!). We became friends for 2 months until one day, he confesses his feelings for me. (Courting). 😍.

Every day he sends poem, sweet messages thru messenger and tagged me in Facebook showing his sweetness. We used to talk thru my phone number. Until one day, I gave him my sweet “yes” ayiiiiieee!!! Ahahaha! In short, we became sweetheart.

After few weeks, he told me that he wants to see me personally, and it will be possible only if he will file for leave from his mission. And it was me who can help him. And of course as inlove person,

I was very excited and will do everything for him. (Stupidity! Ahahaha!) He asked me to send a letter of leave request for him addressed to his General officer. (I was talking as his fiance). Letter was send thru mail and its a WOW!!!,

Surprisingly, the fake General replied and send the requirements for Kyle’s leave. Including these is the amount of 1, 000 USD (it was a very big amount in the Philippines.)

Every day he mentioned about this to me and from then we started to fight, he used emotional blackmail to me as it is my obligation to send that payment for his leave.

I was innocent in love scamming that time. (Poor me!), I decided to withdraw my savings and borrow some money to my mother just to send it to him.

A day before I plan to send money, a group of girls lead by Ms. Jackie Corbett (now my best friend), send message request to my inbox saying that Kyle Butler is a black Nigerian and it was a SCAM!!! I confronted Kyle and as expected he denied everything.

I blocked him on and off. (Lol. Crazy in love). 😁

I can’t let him go that easily. Until I met John. John Hull of RSN team. He taught me how love scamming works in the real world. I discovered everything.

John Hull added me in different support groups with members from a different part of the world with the same experienced from scammers online.

Including these group is the RSN support group, wherein i am one of the volunteers as well as a moderator. The group is managed by smart bald guy😀 Dr. Tim Mc Guinness who taught me how to spot scammers, gives support to each and everyone. From here, we created a good friendship, until now.

RSN TEAM also created a page for me ( with the approval of SCARS) wherein I can expose scammers and teach every follower not to be a victim.

And now, as I was sitting alone here while writing my story of my life, I realized that it was a great feeling that i can help innocent people from online scamming with the help of friends from RSN team, amazing members of the support group.

Jackie Corbett and John Hull, I know we did not see each other personally but i would like to say THANK YOU for being a big part of my recovery.

Wherever you are, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Now i am a smarter, and a better person and keeps fulfilling my dreams and keeps supporting and helping real people in my community.

As I always saying just keep moving. And keep helping innocent people.