“Several years ago I met a woman online, I thought she was the one, everything seemed really good, but it didn’t take long for her (probably him) to ask for money, I sent money and I did that for a long time, I believed that I was inlove and everything was going to work out, well that turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life, I found RSN on facebook, they helped me, they didn’t give me what I need, but they gave me the tools to help me recover, I found many people on the site who were also in the same situation, it was a good place to feel safe to talk to many like minded people, after discovering I was scammed I felt anger and depression, but RSN and other people in the group helped me get through it, it has now been 2 years since dealing with a dating scammer, also I have met my girlfriend who I love very much and we are planning to get married in October 2019, RSN and members helped me get through one of the worst times of my life.”