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Scammer: Lacy Cassay from Iran [email protected]

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Lacy Cassay – From Iran – Image Stolen – Warning Very Dangerous This One Is Very Dangerous A Scammer from Iran is nothing to treat lightly, since Al Qaeda is know to have been involved in the Nigerian Scams for a long time. Lacy [email protected] Origin IP Address: [Iran] [...]

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Scammer: Hannah Clayton [email protected] (843) 603-4799

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They Even Have Phone Numbers Now? These are mostly TEXT services.  Call the numbers and see. She Is: Hannah Clayton [email protected] (843) 603-4799 She also gave out a  phone number, which is unusual, but what woman gives out her phone number to a total stranger on-line! Who does that? […]

Scammer: Sandra Baah [email protected]

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Sandra Baah – probably stolen photo – not of a 37 year old! A turn of phrase is what shows No matter how good they get, you can never replace a lifetime of knowledge. Growing up in Africa cannot replace the knowledge that a native board American has, and how this [...]

Scammer: Linda? Pretty675 [email protected]

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[email protected] – photo probably stolen from someone else Always watch for the inconsistencies. The scammers are too busy to pay attention to the details, or they just don’t care. Another romance scammer is: Linda?  Pretty675 [email protected] One of the things that I notice, is that the central Africans don’t [...]