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NEW NIGERIAN SCAMMER TREND: Lisa Furlow (9044199873textme) – 1611 Fairfield Pl. Jacksonville Fl. 32206

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Lisa Furlow (9044199873textme) – 1611 Fairfield Pl. Jacksonville Fl. 32206 This Is A New Scary Scammer Trend This scammer picked someone’s actual address and included it in a dating profile as a way to convince guys that she is real! We apologize to the real people who live there [...]

SCAMMER ALERT: Online Dating Scammers Using Stolen Images

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 Major Media Finally Focuses The following video from CBS News explores the reality of scammers stealing photos to defraud consumers of their money. Here is one such example: […]

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Lana Brooke: Have You Seen Her? Another Stolen Face / Stolen Identity

SCARS|RSN™ Stolen Identity: Lana Brooke Have You Seen Lana Brooke? Adult Model & Impersonation Victim Frequently Used By Scammers To Fool Men! You Have Probably Seen Her Photos Before! The real Lana Brooke is a nude model Lana Brooke Is Another Scammers Choice Award Winner Of course, you don't really know Lana Brooke, since these are stolen photos used by African Romance Scammers, but she is popular! If you see her photos on social media or [...]

Nigerian Super Fraudster Wanted In America By FBI Over $770,000 Internet Love Scam

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Top Nigerian Scammer Arested! Nigerial Dating Scammers Caught – Olaniyi Makinde Victor (right), with his lawyer, A.A. Adetunji (left) A 26 year old serial internet fraudster, Olaniyi Victor Makinde who is top on the wanted list of the United States of America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI has been [...]

SCAMMER: Anna or Analyn Marcial or bryant [email protected] [email protected] JACKSONVILLE, FL

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Curious One This One This was reported to us by the scammer himself! So he ended up giving us both his old and new email address.  Not sure why?  Might be a sympathy play “Look someone is using my name, I’m not the scammer”.  Not sure, but we are publishing it just the same. [...]

SCARS|RSN Scammer Gallery: Collection Of Stolen Women’s Photos – #1758

SCARS|RSN™ Scammer Gallery: Collection Of Stolen Women's Photos #1758 Here Are Photos We Have Found Being Used Recently By Scammers! Remember, scammers use thousands of fake or stolen names for each face they steal. Don't worry about a name, there are hundreds of millions of fake profiles on social media and even more on dating websites. All of these photos were stolen by scammers and found of fake Facebook & social media profiles. All you [...]

SCAMMER TV: How Dating Scammers Fake Webcams

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Online Dating Scams Fake Webcams As you know not everyone online is real. Our research has shown that 6 out of 10 people you date online are scammers. One of the logical things to ask for from someone online is to see them in a webcam.  But is the video you see real?  Maybe [...]

SCAMMER: Heather Cromwell, 31 [email protected] +1 (810) 522-4195 Buffalo, New York / Nigeria

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SCAMMER: Heather Cromwell, 31 [email protected] +1 (810) 522-4195 Buffalo, New York / Nigeria Just Had To Publish This One! OMG – Are We That Stupid? An Honest To God Nigeria 419 Money Scam! This Romance Website Scammer Is: Heather Cromwell, [email protected]+1 (810) 522-4195 [Michigan Number]Living in Buffalo, New York / [...]

SCARS|RSN™ Insights: Online Dating Scams [Infographic]

SCARS|RSN™ Insights: Online Dating Scams [Infographic] Online Dating Scams Infographic     SCARS|RSN™ Team A SCARS Division Miami Florida U.S.A.     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - END - - - - - - - - - - - - - -   - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Tell [...]

SCAMMER: Samantha Garvin (samanthacare) [email protected] (619) 940-4630 Los Angeles, CA

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SCAMMER: Samantha Garvin (samanthacare) [email protected] Los Angeles, CA Yep She Care Alright! She cares for you bank account only! This scammer practically copied an encyclopedia for her message! This Dating Website Scammer Is: Samantha Garvin, 33 (samanthacare)  [email protected](619) 940-4630Los Angeles, CA […]

NIGERIAN SCAMMER: Susan David (susandavid16) [email protected]

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NIGERIAN SCAMMER: Susan David [email protected] Nigerians Are Trying To Get A Piece Of The Action I guess the Nigerians are feeling cut out of the Romance Scam Business  So they’re back, and much smarter than the Ghanaians.  But we have seen this language before! This Romance Website Scammer Is: [...]