RSN™ Anti-Scam Alert: Savior Victims

RSN™ Anti-Scam Alert: Savior Victims One of the things that happens to some victims is they develop a kind of messiah complex - a necessity or mania to help other victims - meaning they think that only they can save others. They become a kind of collector going around and gathering other souls so they can save them. They join anti-scam groups to "help" them but actually have no training in victims' support or related [...]

New RSN Group On Facebook: The SCARS™ / RSN™ Anti-Scam Army!

Join The SCARS™ / RSN™ Anti-Scam Army! Help Reporting Fake Facebook Profiles! Click Here To Join The SCARS/RSN Anti-Scam Army on Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/RSN.Army This is the Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams (SCARS) Anti-Scam Army to seek and destroy Scammers and Fakes on Facebook This is a place to share them and to make sure they are reported both to Facebook an on www.Anyscam.com along with the knowledge needed to find them! Remember to always [...]