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The following phone numbers have been reported to the SCARS|CDN™ (SCARS Cybercriminal Data Network™) – a worldwide network for anti-scam data reporting and delivery.

For reasons of security and to avoid abuse by bots, we limit this list size to a sample of the most recent phone numbers reported through this website. Presently only law enforcement and government have access to our full database of over 2,000,000 scammer data points.

Remember that just because you may not find a phone number here does not mean the person is NOT a scammer. Scammers have thousands of internet phone numbers and create more constantly. The best way to determine if someone is a scammer is by their actions and other clues they provide.

IMPORTANT: Scammers generally use Internet Based Free Phone Numbers. These phone numbers are deleted when discovered to be used by scammers, and this means they become available for other real people and businesses. If a number is found here, it does not mean that the number is still in use by a scammer or that the person now using the number is a scammer or cybercriminal.

NOTE: these are “as reported” to SCARS and the person reporting assumes all responsibility for these. SCARS and its divisions, affiliates, subsidiaries, partners, officers, employees, and volunteers are immune from responsibility under the United States Communication Decency Act section 230. If you believe that an email address has been reported in error, please use our removal request form » and we will review the situation,

Recent Reported Phone Numbers

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David Christopher Chandler(0908) 966 2451
Glenda(201) 315-8540
Hannah Tetteh(208) 278-7826
Steve Sweet(210) 319-7285
Jessica Ryder(213) 290-3007
Jonathan Moore(216) 200-5567
Wanda(224) 764-1687
Wanda(224) 764-1687
Lynn Kozlowski(231) 465-1456
Lynn Kozlowski(231) 465-1456
Debbie(251) 444-2744
Cass Huston(276)663-1745
Cass Huston(276)663-1745
(302) 365-0294
Sean Christopher Pendarvis(302) 583-2971
Joy Joy(302)-212-4574/ (205) 291-1383
Katie Smith(302)310-6736
Katie Smith(307)271-0701
Comfort Temmy Williams(309) 306-1120
Jenna Russo(321) 279-6333
Peggy Jones(334) 787-9839
Peggy Jones(334) 787-9839
Cindy Williams & Renee Landon‭(404) 594-3653‬
Cindy Williams & Renee Landon‭(404) 594-3653‬
Chancay Humberto(409) 777-1070
David(417) 279-4611
Unknown(430) 702-0132
GILBERT BAHLER(44) 7405982387
Ana(469) 290-4969
Ana(469) 290-4969
Kerry(507) 299-4427
Katie Smith(518)299-8362
Unique M(587) 874-0163
Reich Davis(620) 720-0092
Nancy(630) 749-4819
Sarah(631) 880-5480
Andrew(646) 470-1372
Wanda(646) 470-5467
Debra(661) 418-7428
Joy(662) 771-1769
Annie Nancy Poston(707)-510-0080
Olivia William(740) 233-1523
Olivia William(740) 233-1523
Donald Brown(786)224-4453
Donald Brown(786)224-4453
Roger Riley(804) 286-1347
David(856) 827-3950
James Johnson(856)887-3237
David(857) 325-5239
TGFT Saving(877) 619-0818
(903) 751-5852
(903) 751-5852
(903) 751-5852
(919) 823-8800
Amanda Abekah goes by Amanda Love(931) 389-1538 (815) 691-2286
Tessy(936) 367-9118
Johnson Fuller(936)2359831
gustav john gabriel*2347036536862
Janet Boamah+ 233 54 502 1797

** All phone numbers have been reported by individuals through the reporting forms on this website (phone numbers reported on other SCARS|CDN™ Entry Points are not visible here for security reasons.) Phone numbers have been reported as being used by scammers. Phone numbers are presented as reported.


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Always report scams involving money lost or where you received money to:

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  3. The SCARS|CDN™ Cybercriminal Data Network – Worldwide Reporting Network HERE or on

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