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Email Addresses Reported To The SCARS|CDN™ And That Are Maintained And Managed By SCARS|GOFCH™ Scam Data Clearinghouse™ On The Amazon® ACS Cloud.

The following email addresses have been reported to the SCARS|CDN™ (SCARS Cybercriminal Data Network™) – a worldwide network for anti-scam data reporting and delivery.

For reasons of security and to avoid abuse by bots, we limit this list size to a sample of the most recent email addresses reported through this website. Presently only law enforcement and government have access to our full database of over 2,000,000 scammer data points.

Remember that just because you may not find an email address here does not mean the person is NOT a scammer. Scammers have millions of email addresses and create more constantly. The best way to determine if someone is a scammer is by their actions and other clues they provide.

NOTE: these are as reported to SCARS and the person reporting assumes all responsibility for these. SCARS and its divisions, affiliates, subsidiaries, partners, officers, employees, and volunteers are immune from responsibility under the United States Communication Decency Act section 230. If you believe that an email address has been reported in error, please use our removal request form » and we will review the situation,

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