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UK-Gloucestershire Woman’s Warning To Others After Nearly Falling Victim To ‘Romance Scam’ While Playing Words With Friends – SCARS|RSN™ SCAM NEWS

SCARS|RSN™ SCAM NEWS: UK-Gloucestershire Woman's Warning To Others After Nearly Falling Victim To 'Romance Scam' While Playing Words With Friends Click On The Title In The Content Box Below To View The Full Story     SCARS|RSN™ Team A SCARS Division Miami Florida U.S.A.     TAGS: Scam News, News About Scams, News About Scammers, Global Scamming News, UK, Gloucestershire, Game Scammers, Romance Scam, Words With Friends, - - - - - - [...]

Fraudsters Targeting Online Gamers – SCARS|RSN™ Guide

SCARS|RSN™ Guide: Fraudsters Targeting Online Gamers Don’t Let Fraud Ruin Your Fun – SCARS|RSN Warns Against Scammers Targeting Online Gamers! This is a warning for parents and online gamers themselves of the risk of fraud involving Steam Cards and Fortnite. In the United Kingdom, U.K. Police report that between 1 April 2017 and 31 March 2018, they received reports of Fortnite related fraud, with an average of £146 per victim. In the same period, the U.K. Police received reports of [...]

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