We All Know Scammers Do It!

Dating/Romance Scammers Love To Steal Photos From Good Looking Guys, Generals & Military Men, Politicians & Diplomats, Celebrities, Actors, And More!

These Are Used To Attract Female Victims

We don’t need to go into why it works, it just does.  Each scammer or team of scammers tend to use certain men’s photos over and over.  Being aware of who the real person is that the scammers steal photos of helps you avoid becoming a victim.  By posting the evidence of these stolen photos here, we make it easy for you to perform an image search as well, to confirm you are not talking with a real person but with a scammer.

The following is our list of identified male photos that have been observed in frequent or constant use by fraudsters.

 Stolen Photos Used By Romance Scammers:


Updated May 2, 2019

Stolen Men’s Photos By Name:

More Information: