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SCARS™ Memorial: A Victim’s Story – Boyati Miskun

SCARS™ Memorial: A Victim's Story - Boyati Miskun Remembering The Tragic Story Of Boyati Miskun Rest In Peace Boyati Boyati was a domestic worker from Indonesia living and working for a family in Hong Kong. Alone and vulnerable in an alien land she turned to the Internet for her connection with home and family. In 2011, Boyati met "David Mark" online, a man who claimed to be a U.S. Amy veteran living in Ghana. Nearly [...]

SCARS™ Memorial: The Tragic Story Of Khadijat

SCARS™ Memorial: The Tragic Story Of Khadijat This Is The Story Of A Young Woman Who Was Murdered As A Part Of A Nigerian Yahoo Ritual. The tragic story of Khadijat The following is reprinted from the Nigerian New Media. We are reprinting it as written. It will sound odd, and that is the reason. THERE is a sense in which the recent murder of Miss Khadijat Adenike Oluboyo, the daughter of the [...]